I’m working on a analog project. Actually most of my photo projects are on a medium format film.

My project is called “Portraits from Behind”. This is part of my quest to explore different elements of the human experience through photography.
I am in the experimental phase of my project, and have not yet fully committed to the direction I want to go.
I created this experimental project because I feel that people use their facial expressions and body language to project an image or tell a story for the world to see. I am interested in telling the story about a person when they are not projecting an image of themselves. I believe that the face and the eyes are not always needed.
Most of the time people are unsuspecting, or are not projecting an image of themselves for what’s behind them. Sometimes I just find the body language captured from behind more interesting, and this is the moment I am trying to capture. If and what they might be saying while not projecting. In this aspect I like to compare people to houses. Some people work on the presentation of their front yard—the façade, and do not tend to the back yard. Sometimes the backyard just tells a better story. Sometimes, you can learn more about a person when you look into their backyard.